Week 17 – Billings New Year Adventures

Each year we try to do something fun at New Years if we aren’t on the road visiting family.  This year we traveled to Billings, Montana (The Magic City – I love city nicknames and the story behind them) and stayed at a resort with an indoor water park.  The kids loved it and the water sufficiently wore them out each day.  Lucky for me there is an about to fall over barn nearby that I coaxed the family to visit for a few fun shots of the kids.  I’m so glad we stopped by as I got a chance to try out the new camera, and now that I’m solely shooting in RAW  (never going back!) I’m finally breaking out the new processing software.  Wow is Lightroom not only fairly straightforward (unlike other Adobe products), but it sure does speed up the workflow!  I’m in love with the new camera, the new software, and these photos!  I’m taking a Clickin Moms workshop at the end of February that teaches Lightroom Start-to-Finish, with the amazing Lynne Rigby and I can’t wait!  So, as my skills progress, stay tuned for some old photos to make an appearance that were just a little too over or under exposed before.  I’m hoping to finally get some photos in that very sad gallery tab I created several months ago!


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