Week 20 – Sweet sweet Sunshine!

Winter can be a little dreary at times. When it’s dreary and snowing, I’m quite OK with that, but there are sometimes days, if not weeks that we don’t see the sun. This week the sun made an appearance quite a few times and allowed me to get out and capture some lovely golden hours photos of the kids. Avery has been spitting to show her disgust lately and although we typically don’t encourage it, when we want to make Garrett crack-up, all we have to do is ask her to spit. These are some images of her just after she has spit, and thanks to big brother’s laughter, she thinks she’s pretty darn funny. It’s certainly not funny when you’ve just given her a time-out, or asked her to sit down in her chair for the fifth time at dinner, but I have to admit it’s hard for me not to laugh at her sometimes!


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