Week 25 – Yellowstone’s Seasons

Cabin Fever

In Yellowstone we have two seasons, winter and summer.  Occasionally we have a few days that seem like spring or fall, but for the most part it’s either summer (hot) or most likely winter (cold).  From mid-March until mid-June we enjoy a few days of warm weather, get all excited that spring is here, then it snows a foot.  It’s a little frustrating, especially when the snow doesn’t stay around long and the snow pack is already on its way out so skiing isn’t great anymore.  On Saturday we had a lovely warm day in the 50’s (I almost turned the AC on in the car) and then on Sunday we got a nice inch or two of snow.  I love the white stuff no matter what the form – wet, powdery, slushy, but the kids are over it, and very ready for summer!  They are tired of only being able to play in the two small paths that run through the yard, and want to ride bikes and play in puddles, and use the sand box again.  Can’t say I blame them.  These photos are of Miss A struggling to drag her trike across the snow to the road.  Mother of the year that I am, I chose to take photos of her struggles, rather than helping her….poor Miss A!


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