Monthly Challenge: Interesting Perspectives

This month’s challenge was well, interesting.  In reading up on what the challenge was intended to include, our photos were to focus on various perspectives that add interest to a photo.  Below is an example of vanishing point perspective that I took while in Livingston, Montana.


Before looking into various examples of perspective I assumed that this challenge encouraged you to take photos that gave insight into your own personal perspective.  While getting ready to wash dishes one day a bison slowly made its way in front of our kitchen window into my view.  Even though I was rushed to get dishes done before picking up the kids at school, I chose to use that time to take advantage of this photographic opportunity, dishes and all.  In the summer our house becomes a similar scene.  Laundry piles up, floors don’t get swept as often as they should, and recycling goes weeks before being emptied.  When weekends are full of camping, floating and fishing the river, hiking and being outside, dishes, laundry, and recycling can wait.  This photo captures the occasional lapse of cleanliness and order in our lives to appreciate those things one shouldn’t take for granted…those things that should be enjoyed, shared and experienced…outside.


Another shot taken this month is one that reminds me to stop and be in the moment.  This is my son and his silhouette that I was lucky to capture on our wall one morning as the sun blasted through our east facing windows.  I love his silhouette with his crazy hair in the back as this is how I’ll remember him from our mornings together before anyone else is up.  Garrett is our early bird.   The silhouette on the wall reminds me of a younger Garrett with his chubby little cheeks and his usually crazy long hair all tousled from a good night’s sleep.  This year he turns 5, so this photo will be a great reminder to me of how fast he’s growing up and to never take those mornings (or days!) spent with the kids for granted.

GarrettsShadow (1 of 1)

Interesting perspectives can be explained or depicted in many ways.  For another look at interesting perspectives, stop by Stacey’s blog to see what she’s captured this month.


8 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge: Interesting Perspectives

  1. Hi Bianca! Love the bison in the window- I have a few shots like that myself! And Livingston!- some day I want to wander around that town and take photos. Nice vanishing point illustration. And sweet shot of your little guy with his shadow! Nice job on this month’s challenge!

  2. Awesome photos this month especially the bison in the window but also your comment about letting the cleaning and all that other “stuff” take a back seat so we can and enjoy life. Thanks for that. I don’t think I do that enough.

  3. Love love LOVE the bison one! I didn’t even realize Bison still existed until I was we’ll into high school & even then I thought the girl who told me was pulling my leg. 🙂 For me this picture is seeing wonder amidst our every day. I love it. 🙂

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