Week 27 – Indoor Exposures

Although the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, experimenting with light inside is somewhat of a new obsession of mine.  With 7 – 8 months of winter, I need to learn how to take advantage of light in every situation, both indoors and out.  I took a natural light workshop a few months ago from Clickin’ Moms and feel like things are starting to “click” a little more with each differently lit scene.  This is my daughter enjoying a homemade lollipop standing near our west facing windows during the golden hour.  I was amazed that even inside, the golden hour light was still just as lovely as it is outside.  Light in photography can have its own presence.  It’s like a magical thing or being.  It reminds me of the fog that rolls into San Francisco on a daily basis.  It has its own agenda, does what it wants, and completely sets the mood.  Great photographers are always on the quest for beautiful light.  I hope you’ll bear with me as I learn to find it and capture it – both inside and out!

Lollipops and golden light


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