Monthly Challenge: Shooting Through Glass

This month the Clickin’ Mom’s blog circle theme challenged us to shoot through glass.  These are photos of my current view and my future view – both through my front glass windows.  We are in what we hope to be the final months of our big “cabin” build and we hope to move into our new log home this summer.  I am looking forward to being able to have a garden and chickens, not having many neighbors, and am excited about the new view.  Our future mountain view will be inspiring and different every day depending on the weather.  I look forward to our next chapter, but will definitely miss the amazing wildlife watching in our little Yellowstone neighborhood!Current ViewFuture View

To see what the fabulous Catherine McAteer has captured with this challenge, please continue to her blog and beyond by clicking here.


11 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge: Shooting Through Glass

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  2. Oh my word, you all get to live in such a beautiful, amazing place. Who can see they get to see bison out their front window every day. So amazing! When CM organizes an in person conference, we should bring it to your neck of the woods! Love the two different views — now and future. Great idea!

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