The R Family {Gardiner, MT Family Photography}

I had the great pleasure to meet The Ripley Family through a fellow Clickin Mom visiting the area with several other families. One thing that I failed to mention to the family before we headed off on our adventure was that I drove on crazy bumpy roads all the time, even in my little car. So when I heard a few panicked beeps coming from behind all I could do was smile and say, “it’s just a little farther!” Needless to say, we got there in one piece and hopefully the views were worth the bumps and scrapes the family van received along the way!

Many thanks to the Ripley Family for allowing me the opportunity to share the beauty that surrounds my little community with you. I hope the photos that follow will help remind you of your amazing Yellowstone vacation, and that crazy drive up high into the mountains!

IMG_5776 IMG_5790 IMG_5797 IMG_5800 IMG_5822 IMG_5831 IMG_5835


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