Monthly Challenge: Phone Photography

This month’s challenge was perfectly timed. We are in the process of finishing up our cabin (finally!) and moving. Moving is never fun, no matter how far you’re going…even just 30 miles away. And with very little time for things other than packing, the camera phone is getting a lot more use than the big fancy camera these days. I know this challenge is to capture something truly amazing with our phones, but for me, capturing the everyday is what my iPhone does best. So here are some photos of what my everyday for the past 3.5 years has culminated into! For anyone that’s built a house, or even moved, you will appreciate the chaos of the following photos, and for having an iPhone to help you look back and laugh one day. Now, back to packing…

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Our lovely mess!

Our lovely mess!

The pool - with a view!

The pool – with a view!

The kitchen - almost done!

The kitchen – almost done!

Love our scrap log counters!


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