Monthly Challenge: Motion Blur

Motion blur isn’t entirely easy to capture.  This super out of focus shot of G being super speedy on his balance bike was the only thing I managed to put together for this month.  It’s not a great example of motion blur, as he should be in focus, but I love this photo as it shows how hard he was working to help me get this shot.  He’s even got his little tongue out because that makes him go faster…

Zoom. Zoom.

Zoom. Zoom.

To see other examples of motion blur, continue on to the very talented Davina here.


4 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge: Motion Blur

  1. Looks like we were on the same page this month with putting our kids on their bikes to help us out. And it looks like he was just as happy as my girl. This is so cute and a picture for you to cherish forever. Even though you can’t see is face good, you can still tell that he was very determined to go as fast as he could and that little tongue out adds to it. So cute.

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