Week 38 – Summer Memories

I have a confession to make.  I have not been shooting. Much. At. All.  With the stress and chaos involved in a move and finishing cabin projects, I’ve had very little time to devote to photography.  And to make matters worse, I have been without my trusty 50 mm lens due to a nosedive it took while we were out looking for moose tracks along the Gros Ventre River in Grand Teton back in July.  My repaired lens should be arriving any day, and I’m excited to get back to a more normal routine and having the ability to grab the camera with my favorite lens and go!  After realizing the other day just how much I’ve been slacking, I jumped at the chance to take photos of my good friend, Amelia, and her two adorable boys with a borrowed lens.  It was so nice to pick up the camera again!

My friend Amelia is an amazing mom of two (soon to be three!), and an awesome writer, blogger and photographer that’s the creative genius behind the website Tales of a Mountain Mama.  Her blog focuses on getting kids outside.  I love this view and encourage everyone to take the time to stop by her blog.  She provides detailed gear reviews, giveaways, recipes, and activities for those like her who strive to enjoy the outside world with their kids all year long.  She is a beautiful mountain mama inside and out, and I’m lucky to call her my friend, and sometimes her family photographer!

This photo is one that will remind me of a great visit with Amelia and her two little ones one beautiful summer evening.  We enjoyed homemade pizza on the grill, laughter, silliness and lollipops.  All the little things that summers are made of!



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