Monthly Challenge: Humanizing the Non-human

The mornings are cool, the leaves are changing colors, and snow is starting to cover the mountain tops.  It’s fall in Mammoth Hot Springs and that means the paparazzi are in town to capture photos of our local celebs.  Our celebs are the tall dark handsome types, however, they are also the dangerous kind.  The kind that will charge your car, or try to chase you around if you approach their harem a little too close.  Hoards of visitors come each fall to watch the chaos that ensues during the elk rut.  Each day is like a TV soap opera around here, where the set is constantly moving and the body guards (rangers) are always on duty.

This month’s challenge was to humanize the non-human.  Yellowstone may be one of the last wild places, but in Mammoth you can’t help but stop and be in awe of the local dating/mating scene that plays out (almost) like a trip to the local watering hole.  Each fall I become a bit of a paparazzo myself.  Be sure to check out Catherine’s blog for her take on this month’s challenge!


Taken from my office porch to not draw attention from the big guy. Check out all the peopled lined up to take photos!


Some days at work aren’t so bad when this is my view!

IMG_6631 IMG_6641


7 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge: Humanizing the Non-human

  1. Haha Bianca- I KNOW this guy with the well-sharpened antlers! A rather aggressive dater, I would say! I have a lot of photos taken of him- most through windows, because he was so CRAZED while I was there. I love that you used him as your subject for the challenge- why didn’t I think of that? Yes, we love our new house- and I bet you love yours too! What a beautiful area you are in!

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