Week 46 – Landscape Astrophotography


I stumbled upon the Skillshare website recently and signed up for the Landscape Astrophotography course taught by the super talented Ian Norman.  He really provides an amazing course broken down into easy to digest lessons.  I noticed a few astrophotography landscape photos taken in and around Yellowstone featured in a local outdoor magazine this summer and have been wanting to learn how.  The few photos of the moon and star-filled sky I took prior to this class are horrible compared to those I can attempt now.  I know I have quite a few things to work on, but I’m like a kid in a candy shop with each shot I take.  While waiting the extra minute for my camera to do it’s magic on the long exposure noise reduction setting I stand in the cold anxiously awaiting what my camera has captured for me.  My eyes are beginning to be not be so great, and it’s amazing how many stars are out there each and every night that I don’t see until I press the shutter button.  Stay tuned for more landscape astrophotography  shots…this class has opened a whole new world, or better yet galaxy, for me!


2 thoughts on “Week 46 – Landscape Astrophotography

  1. Wonderful! I like how you included the eaves (?) to give some context. I’ve tried this with limited (but some) success and would like to learn more now that we live in a place where we can really see the stars. I haven’t heard of skillshare- I’ll have to check it out.

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