A Grand Road Trip

One really great perk of working in a National Park is that over time as your friends move on in their careers, they usually leave to go to other equally amazing parks, thus new lodging options and the insider scoop when planning future road trips.  I am super lucky to have a good friend, who also happens to have a little guy my son’s age at Grand Teton National Park.  My son and I took a quick road trip to visit our friends a few weekends ago and I realized something…this park seriously has my heart.  I can feel my heart swelling as I drive south, anxiously awaiting the first view of those amazing peaks, and it breaks a little each time I leave.  Those mountains are breathtaking nearly every time I look at them.  Seriously, if you haven’t visited, put this park (and Yellowstone too) on your life bucket list!

IMG_3404 IMG_3487 IMG_3491 IMG_3496 IMG_3505 IMG_3513-2



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