Making Montana Memories

Earlier this summer we took a trip to the Pioneer Mountains to spend some time exploring a few of Montana’s historic gems. We were among the first visitors of the day at Bannack State Park, and really enjoyed having this true Montana ghost town to ourselves for a few hours.  Our kids explored almost every open building and enjoyed picturing themselves in the “oldern” days, as my son likes to say.  The trip would not have been complete without a visit to Nevada City and Virginia City, both equally impressive for their historic charm and living history.  I even managed to find myself a delicious piece of huckleberry cream pie, a definite highlight of any trip!

OEFP_Bannack OEFP_Bannack-9 OEFP_Bannack-2 OEFP_Bannack-7 OEFP_Bannack-11 OEFP_Bannack-12 OEFP_Bannack-3 OEFP_Bannack-4 OEFP_Bannack-6 OEFP_Bannack-10 OEFP_Bannack-8 OEFP_Bannack-14 OEFP_Bannack-16 OEFP_Bannack-17 OEFP_Bannack-19 OEFP_Bannack-13 OEFP_Bannack-15 OEFP_Bannack-18




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