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My name is Bianca.  I am a runner.  A fiercely loyal friend.  A mother of two that’s happily married to a beautiful baldy.  And I am a seize the moment busy body obsessed with photography.  Yes, obsessed is a strong word, but I can’t really describe it any other way.

Photography has always been a huge part of my life.  I was always that “friend with the camera” growing up.  I spent a good part of high school and some of college in the darkroom back when digital was yet a twinkle in someone’s eye.  I took a few years off from photography, drank way too much hard cider, and ended up falling in love with both my wildlife biology major and my future husband over a dead cat or two during our undergrad years.  Now as a National Park Service employee at Yellowstone National Park, photography is my creative outlet.   I got bit hard by the digital shutterbug shortly after my second child was born, as I craved to better document my family out enjoying our beautiful surroundings.  We are a family of four that enjoys working and playing in and around Yellowstone National Park.  This blog was created to help document our days in this amazing part of the world and I hope it will inspire you to get your family out and expose them to the great outdoors we call home!

I am currently portfolio building, so if you’re up for a documented adventure, contact me!  My images have been featured on blogs such as A Day in the Life, Euphoric CaptureLife, Defined ProjectLight Inspired, Love Photographs Beautifully, and The Gratitude Collaborative, and shared on on Facebook at Clickin Moms, Let the Kids Dress ThemselvesMeasure In Love, and Snap Maven.

I owe a great deal of my growth as a photographer to the Clickin Moms Forum.  From detailed tutorials to interactive workshops, they offer something for everyone.  This has been a great year for me as two of my favorite images were selected for the 2014 Voice Collection and I took top honor in the May 2014 Pets contest through the Clickin Moms Forum.  For anyone looking to improve your skills in a supportive online community, I cannot say enough great things!

Interested in learning more about our neck of the woods?  Want to get your family out for some Outdoor Exposures?  Get in touch!

Email me at: hello@outdoorexposuresfamilyphotography.com