Home Sweet Home

This fall has been amazing for practicing landscape astrophotography.  We’ve had warm temperatures and clear skies perfect for getting out without the fear of frostbite!  With the aurora forecast looking good for the next few days and a meteor shower … Continue reading

Last of the Summer Sun – Montana Lifestyle Photography

Having lived in the rockies for a few years now, I know that experiencing several consecutive 70 – 80 degree days in late September is rare…so rare that those days must be celebrated and remembered.  And celebrate and remember we did.  I had … Continue reading

Making Montana Memories

Earlier this summer we took a trip to the Pioneer Mountains to spend some time exploring a few of Montana’s historic gems. We were among the first visitors of the day at Bannack State Park, and really enjoyed having this … Continue reading

Everything East Coast

Growing up in Maryland there are a few activities, places, sounds, and smells that just scream summer to me.  On our recent two week east coast adventure I tried to cram as many of those things into our visit as I … Continue reading

Running View #67

Enjoying some chlorophyll therapy on my runs this week while visiting my friends and family in Western Maryland. I have completely forgotten just how beautiful and green it is here!


A Grand Road Trip

One really great perk of working in a National Park is that over time as your friends move on in their careers, they usually leave to go to other equally amazing parks, thus new lodging options and the insider scoop when … Continue reading

Running View #66 (again!)

Elk calves are arriving daily and with that comes the evil eye from scary elk mamas! A member of my running group recently passed along a great anti-crazy elk mama trick. Using what he saw one day when an elk approached someone holding an umbrella, he modified it a bit using a plastic garbage bag. Now when approached by an elk, I’ll be armed with a kitchen garbage bag, ready to pop that baby open! I also always carry bear spray, but this super light piece of safety gear may just come in handy one day. Beware crazy elk mamas!