Last of the Summer Sun – Montana Lifestyle Photography

Having lived in the rockies for a few years now, I know that experiencing several consecutive 70 – 80 degree days in late September is rare…so rare that those days must be celebrated and remembered.  And celebrate and remember we did.  I had … Continue reading

The M Family {Gardiner, MT Family Photography}

I had the great pleasure of visiting a dear friend just a week after she, her husband, and two boys welcomed a precious little girl into their family.  Despite the lack of sleep, and the new adjustments for everyone, I could totally feel the love for this tiny precious being.   Welcome to the world little L!  I am so excited you are here, and can’t wait to watch you grow!

Warm Little Feet IMG_9989-3 Tiny Toes Little LMama KissesThe Bros

The L Family {Gardiner, MT Family Photography}

New Year’s Eve was a beautiful snowy, windy day.  Usually snow is something to get excited about, especially when skiing is on the agenda.  On this day, however, photographing a sweet family who’s kids are all together for the first time in years was in the works, and snow and wind wasn’t exactly what we were all hoping for.  With some last minute adjustments we made it happen and got a few great shots of the family together inside as well as outside in the beautiful falling snow.  Thanks for braving the elements with me L Family.  Happy New Year!

Family Photography Family Photography Family Photography Family PhotographyFamily Photography Couples PhotographyFamily Photography

The S Family {Cumberland, MD Family Photography}

On our recent trip home I had a mini session of sorts with my sister and her family.  This mini session came while waiting for my entire family (13 total, counting me) to get their coats on and come outside to meet us.  It was, as they say, herding cats.  Now I completely understand why most people, even (especially) professional photographers, advise others to pay someone else to take their family portraits.  Although it was an exercise in frustration, it gave us plenty of time to goof off and capture some great moments for my best friend in the whole world, my sister!

The Staffords Grumpy Pants Cheering Grumpy Up Daddy Love Kisses The Girls Shiny and Healthy

The R Family {Gardiner, MT Family Photography}

I had the great pleasure to meet The Ripley Family through a fellow Clickin Mom visiting the area with several other families. One thing that I failed to mention to the family before we headed off on our adventure was that I drove on crazy bumpy roads all the time, even in my little car. So when I heard a few panicked beeps coming from behind all I could do was smile and say, “it’s just a little farther!” Needless to say, we got there in one piece and hopefully the views were worth the bumps and scrapes the family van received along the way!

Many thanks to the Ripley Family for allowing me the opportunity to share the beauty that surrounds my little community with you. I hope the photos that follow will help remind you of your amazing Yellowstone vacation, and that crazy drive up high into the mountains!

IMG_5776 IMG_5790 IMG_5797 IMG_5800 IMG_5822 IMG_5831 IMG_5835