Running View #70

Beaver Ponds Trail from a while back. Love this aspen grove!



Running View #69

Glen Creek to Snow Pass run. So great to be running in the park again!


Running View #67

Enjoying some chlorophyll therapy on my runs this week while visiting my friends and family in Western Maryland. I have completely forgotten just how beautiful and green it is here!


Running View #66 (again!)

Elk calves are arriving daily and with that comes the evil eye from scary elk mamas! A member of my running group recently passed along a great anti-crazy elk mama trick. Using what he saw one day when an elk approached someone holding an umbrella, he modified it a bit using a plastic garbage bag. Now when approached by an elk, I’ll be armed with a kitchen garbage bag, ready to pop that baby open! I also always carry bear spray, but this super light piece of safety gear may just come in handy one day. Beware crazy elk mamas!


Running View #64

This weekend my son and I took a road trip to Grand Teton National Park to visit with friends. This morning’s run has got to rank up there as one of the most beautiful five milers I’ve run yet! Love those mountains!


Running View #61

Another cheater skiing view while I still can, this time with much skinnier skis! Last week a group of us took a skate ski lesson, and although I never thought I’d say this, I am really glad I spent many … Continue reading

Running View #60

We were happy our spectators were well off the road on our 8 mile run in the Gardiner Basin today. It was quite the running wildlife safari!