Week 52 – Simplify

IMG_7810 2

Simplify.  That’s my word for 2014.  As a planner, I enjoy jotting down a list (or two or three) at the beginning of each year with my personal goals.  Last year was my first year with actual photography goals, and those goals kept me shooting.  I’ve struggled with what goals or personal projects to embark on this year and have decided to seek out light, and try to work on and review the basics.  With those two goals in mind I’ll be posting about once a month with photos where I’ve been successful at “Finding the Light” and will be posting any assignments that come with studying David duChemin’s book the The Visual Toolbox.  The big scary, yet exciting, Project 365 goal will be revisited again later this year after I’ve gone back to basics and simplified a bit.

There will still be running, and lots of it for a race or two this year, so I plan to continue “My Running View” but will probably have fewer posts only highlighting some of the more notable and exciting trails or views to share.  With our big cabin build complete there will be lots of small projects in our future, but also plenty of time to start exploring again this summer with our tent camper.  And with camping comes night skies and new landscape astrophotography opportunities.

As my Project 52 comes to a close, I am grateful to have completed it, and look forward to 2014 with more simplified goals in mind…and hopefully lots of starry skies and more memorable outdoor exposures!




Week 48 – A Little Holiday Bokeh

Christmas is my favorite time of year for many reasons.  I love decorating the house, baking dozens of different cookies, and of course creating beautiful bokeh-filled photos.  I was lucky to be able to spend time with my niece this past week and we took a stroll in downtown Cumberland, Maryland to check out some of the holiday displays in the shop windows.  Since my kids are over having a camera in their face all the time it’s refreshing to spend time with someone like my niece who is always willing to smile or goof off in front of my camera.  What a beautiful fun model she was!  Thanks C!

IMG_8445 IMG_8444

Week 46 – Landscape Astrophotography


I stumbled upon the Skillshare website recently and signed up for the Landscape Astrophotography course taught by the super talented Ian Norman.  He really provides an amazing course broken down into easy to digest lessons.  I noticed a few astrophotography landscape photos taken in and around Yellowstone featured in a local outdoor magazine this summer and have been wanting to learn how.  The few photos of the moon and star-filled sky I took prior to this class are horrible compared to those I can attempt now.  I know I have quite a few things to work on, but I’m like a kid in a candy shop with each shot I take.  While waiting the extra minute for my camera to do it’s magic on the long exposure noise reduction setting I stand in the cold anxiously awaiting what my camera has captured for me.  My eyes are beginning to be not be so great, and it’s amazing how many stars are out there each and every night that I don’t see until I press the shutter button.  Stay tuned for more landscape astrophotography  shots…this class has opened a whole new world, or better yet galaxy, for me!

Week 45 – The Last Leaves

It’s a sad realization when the beautiful yellows and oranges of the aspens and cottonwoods begin to fade.  On the way home from work I searched the valley for any remaining splotches of color.  In an attempt to capture “fall” we stopped to play in the leaves and enjoy the beautiful sunshine for a bit…Tree Huggers Forest Seat Silence Little Spider

Week 44 – Yellowstone’s Youngest Superhero

After enjoying a party at my son’s school for Halloween, I couldn’t resist having a special superhero photo shoot on the way to our next stop.  He enjoyed doing superhero things – climbing walls, looking for bad guys, and moving giant rocks.  And I know I’m a bit biased, but he sure makes a handsome Mr. Incredible!

IMG_7727 IMG_7730 IMG_7737 IMG_7738 IMG_7751 IMG_7754