My Running View

I thought long and hard about embarking on a project 365 this year.  I’m. Just. Not. Ready… Yet.  Photography is high on the priority list, but so is spending time with the family (without driving them nuts with a camera in their face),  running, and getting out for some outdoor exposures.  With a half marathon and other races on the horizon, I need to put on my running shoes (and yak trax as necessary) at least three- four days a week to train.  I was inspired by a few iPhone only 365s I ran across and decided to try a hybrid running/photography project that I’m calling My Running View.  Each run that I manage to take the iPhone will be documented with a photo and a brief description of the run.  Occasionally a “cheater” ski or hiking day may be thrown in the mix as everyone needs a day off every now and then.  This year is shaping up to be an exciting, busy one, and I hope you’ll join me if you can for a run, hike, or ski and enjoy My Running View too!


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